2020 Wish List

The vibrant community at the Michigan Masonic Home depends on your generosity! Help make our residents’ wishes come true by supporting the items on their Wish List.

A gift of any size is appreciated and can be designated to the item of your choice.

Ukuleles for Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional. With developing a Ukulele Program, we will make a positive change in mood, enhance awareness of self, improve on self-esteem or personal insight, adopt a can-do-attitude, and most importantly building relationships with friends who enjoy playing music.

$1050 total program cost.

Green Circle Gardens

Gardening is a passion that is greatly missed when one’s mobility begins to diminish. Green Circle Gardens allow everyone, regardless of mobility, to be able to enjoy cultivating and nursing flowers, fruits and vegetables, and even enjoy them for a true “Farm to Table” experience. The Michigan Masonic Home wants to provide a total of 28 planter units to be placed throughout the Michigan Masonic Home facilities to encourage greater outdoor activity and regrow our residents’ love of gardening.

Learn more about the Green Circle Gardens at www.greencirclegarden.com

$30,772 total project cost

Vital Stim Therapy Systems

Up to 75% of victims of stroke or radiation treatment patients suffer from dysphagia, difficulty or inability to swallow safely. VitalStim Therapy is a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment that can help patients relieve the difficulty and stress of using feeding tubes, and even possibly regain the ability to swallow safely.

The Michigan Masonic Home wants to add these vital devices to their therapy resources in both the Warwick Rehabilitation Center and the Masonic Home.

2 Vital Stim machines: $1,200 Each
vital Stim Training for Speech Therapist: $1,000
$3,400 Total Project Cost


A Synchrony System is specifically designed for Speech Language Pathologists to enable patients suffering from dysphagia to visualize swallowing activity using virtual reality biofeedback. Therapists using Synchrony systems to treat their patients have greater access to exercise visualizations, data dashboards, and reporting tools.

Synchrony Systems will be used in the Warwick Rehabilitation Center and the Michigan Masonic Home in conjunction with the Vital Stim Therapy systems described above.

2 Synchrony Systems/ $5,000 each
$10,000 total project cost

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