Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundation seems to have a lot of money. Why would they need more donations?

Over the last 100 years, the Michigan Masons have been careful to practice good money management with the annual gifts and generous bequests provided by thousands of loyal members and their spouses. As a result, the Foundation has achieved a substantial Endowment Fund that provides financial support needed to subsidize programs and pay salaries for employees. Thus, 100% of any gift that you make goes to support the Foundation program of your choice.

I’ve never even seen Masonic Pathways, so what difference does the Foundation make in my life?

Someday almost every Mason must face the decision of where to live out their remaining days. For those without a solid retirement plan, Pathways is there. For Masons who will never have use for the Home, the Foundation funds many other important programs including:

  • Providing matching funds up to $1,500 for community charity programs that are sponsored by local Lodges. Perhaps a favorite charity in your community has been the recipient of one of these grants?
  • Providing matching funds up to $1,500 for student scholarships that are sponsored by local Lodges. Perhaps your son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter, has received one of these scholarships?
  • Providing funding for the Michigan Masonic Model Student Assistance Program to help train high school teachers and guidance counselors to recognize the signals of drug, alcohol abuse, or teenage bullying. Perhaps your son or daughter or a young friend has benefited?
  • Providing funding for the MI Child Identification Program to help keep young children safe. Parents receive free kits containing their child’s DNA, dental impressions, fingerprints, and digital pictures to be shared with law enforcement officials in case of an abduction. Perhaps a child in your hometown has been found thanks to these kits?
  • Provide continued funding for the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library in Grand Rapids so that thousands of books, photographs, and other historic archives can be preserved for future generations of Masons to enjoy and learn from.

Who’s in charge of making sure the funding gets to those who need it most?

The Foundation has a series of committees that help review applications and select worthy recipients for grants. Budgets for all programs are approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees, with final approvals made by the voting delegates at the annual Grand Lodge Session.

Are there ways for me to support the Foundation other than donating money?

Yes! The Foundation enrolls volunteers frequently to help with events such as "friendraisers" and fundraisers! Please contact the Foundation 800-994-7400 for information on an event in your area!

How does the Foundation determine what programs or charities to support? Is there a value criterion?

The Foundation leadership developed a Strategic Plan in 2012 that is in line with the mission—to provide quality programs and services for Masons and their families while making communities a better place to live.

What are the future plans for the Foundation?

Future plans for the Foundation will be based on the desires and needs of Michigan Masons. This information will be gathered from surveys and visits to Michigan Lodges.

Should I update my will or trust if I made a bequest to a Masonic foundation years ago?

This depends on which foundation was named in your bequest. The merger should not affect bequests made to the former Michigan Masonic Home Charitable Foundation because The foundation oversees the administration of our program. The legal name changed, but the legal entity did not. It is not necessary for donors to revise their wills or trusts. However, wills or trusts with bequests made to the Masonic Foundation of Michigan should be revised because this entity has ceased to exist.

Can I choose a particular program to restrict my funds to?

Yes. You can designate your legacy to any foundation program or service.

Is it better to give a specific sum or a percentage of my estate in my will or trust?

Many people prefer to make a percentage of the will or trust available to charity as a donation, because the percentage will grow over time allowing them to make a larger gift.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Your gift may be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor. The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Michigan Charitable Solicitation License No. MICS 13630.

For more information on the Foundation, please contact us today or click here to download our Foundation brochure.


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The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Michigan Charitable Solicitation License No. MICS 13630.