Masonic Assistance

It is the duty of every Mason to help those who are distressed, especially a fellow Mason, their families, widows and orphans. That’s why the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation, made possible by the generosity of past and present Masons, provide a number of support programs for Masons and their families who are experiencing hard times or wish to take advantage of retirement at the Michigan Masonic Home.

Masonic Assistance – Michigan Masonic Home

Qualified Master Masons and affiliated individuals who otherwise would be unable to independently afford care in the Michigan Masonic Home may be eligible for financial assistance. Assistance covers room and board, meals, medications and medical supplies, as well as selected supplemental services. The program also provides health insurance coverage and a modest personal allowance.

Qualified and affiliated individuals include:

  • Master Masons with ten or more years of continuous membership in good standing immediately prior to admission
  • Female members of a Michigan Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star with ten or more years of continuous membership in good standing immediately prior to admission
  • The wife, widow or mother of a Master Mason
Almoner’s Fund

The Almoner’s Fund has been established to assist Master Masons and their families, as well as their widows and orphans with immediate catastrophic or emergency needs. A discrete inquiry will promptly follow a referral and, if deemed applicable, the grant will be awarded as appropriate for the situation. Assistance grants through the Almoner’s fund will be kept discrete and confidential.

Outside Relief

The Outside Relief program extends financial assistance to Masonic brothers and sisters who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of unfortunate circumstances, such as a severe illness or injury, especially of a prolonged nature. The program is specifically intended for people for whom residency at Masonic Pathways is not an option.

A sponsoring Lodge or Chapter is required to complete an investigation and an application for each proposed recipient, and is responsible for a portion of the assistance payments to brothers.

Masonic Orphans Support

Caring for Masonic orphans is an obligation Masons take seriously. A Masonic orphan should never feel that he or she is alone, or that because their parent is gone they are forgotten. As a brother, a Mason is tasked with caring for the orphans of his departed brethren and letting them know they are cherished members of the  Masonic family. The definition of a Masonic Orphan is a child under the age of 18:

  • whose father was a Master Mason in good standing at the time of his death, –or–
  • whose grandfather is or was a Master Mason in good standing and his father is dead or not contributing to their support

Masonic Orphans, regardless of age, whose academic records indicate worthiness, may also be eligible for financial assistance for higher education in the forms of loans or grants

Get the help you need

All Masonic Assistance requests, from information on living at the Masonic Home, temporary hardship relief through the Almoner’s fund, orphans assistance and long-term relief, begin with a call to Live Better at Home.


Live Better at Home is an information and referral program provided by Masonic Pathways, located in Alma, Michigan. This service is available to all Michigan Masons and members of OES, no matter their age or where they reside. The dedicated specialists will discuss your specific concerns and customize a solution meant to help you improve your situation.