Beneficiary Designations

You can name the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plans. There’s no complicated or involved process like updating a will for a bequest gift–simply fill out a form provided by your insurer or financial advisor.

Designating us as a beneficiary is also flexible–you can designate us as the sole beneficiary or a share among others, and you can change your designations or terms at any time.

Next Steps

  1. Contact the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation at 1-800-994-7400 or via email at for more information on charitable beneficiary designations and to talk about your charitable goals and how we can help you achieve them.
  2. Contact your legal or financial advisor to learn which assets may be taxable income when paid to a beneficiary, and which will not. Assets that may be taxable are the best to designate a charitable beneficiary.
  3. If you include the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation as a beneficiary, use the following information:
    Legal Name: Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation
    Address: 1200 Wright Ave., Alma, MI 48801
    Phone Number: 800-994-7400
    EIN: 38-3266089

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