Charitable Gift Annuities

Too often, donors fear they must choose between helping our philanthropic mission and their financial security. One way to have the best of both worlds is by setting up a charitable gift annuity, which will help support the critical programs of Michigan Masons and provide you with a lifetime stream of income.

A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between you and the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. We agree to pay you fixed payments for your life (and/or the life of your chosen beneficiary), which is based on the size of your gift and your age at the time of the gift.

Needing only a modest contribution, a charitable gift annuity can be funded with cash or marketable securities. You qualify for an immediate income tax deduction for the gift (subject to certain limitations)

If you are 60 or younger, don’t need payments immediately, or are in a highly compensated position where you regularly max out your retirement contributions, you may want to consider a deferred gift annuity. This type of annuity lets you make a contribution now, but receive payments at a time you specify, such as upon retirement.

A Gift that Provides Security in Retirement

Jim worked hard his entire life, following his passion for teaching children. He saved for the future, in hopes of ensuring a solid future for him and his wife; assuming that between pension and savings, they would have all they needed. However, as Jim grew older and the cost of living began to skyrocket, fear began to settle in…‶What if I pass first? Will I be leaving Jayne in a good financial position? Will our small nest egg be enough?″

Jim heard about an opportunity to get an immediate tax deduction and still receive income from his investment for the rest of his life by making a gift to his favorite charity, the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation through a charitable gift annuity. This gift would help him leverage his assets to produce more income which would also benefit his wife should he be the first to pass.

‶This is a win-win, my fraternity wins, my community wins and my beloved wife wins,″Jim explains. ‶Peace of mind and impacting lives, I don’t know if it gets much better than that!″

Next Steps

  1. Contact the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation at 1-800-994-7400 or via email at for more information on charitable gift annuities or to talk more about the benefits of creating an annuity with the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation
  2. Contact your legal or financial advisor to discuss the impact and options available to you.
  3. If you include the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation in your plans, use the following information:
    Legal Name: Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation
    Address: 1200 Wright Ave., Alma, MI 48801
    Phone: 1-800-994-7400
    EIN: 38-3266089

The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. Figures cited in examples are for illustrative purposes only. References to tax rates include federal taxes only and are subject to change. State law may further impact your individual results. Annuities are subject to regulation by the State of California. Payments under such agreements, however, are not protected or otherwise guaranteed by any government agency or the California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association. A charitable gift annuity is not regulated by the Oklahoma Insurance Department and is not protected by a guaranty association affiliated with the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Charitable gift annuities are not regulated by and are not under the jurisdiction of the South Dakota Division of Insurance.