Michigan CHild ID Program

There is nothing as terrifying for parents than when a child goes missing. For more than a decade, Michigan Masons have been helping parents and law enforcement secure a piece of mind should the tragedy of a missing child occur through the Michigan CHild ID Program.

Masonic Lodges throughout the state of Michigan distribute more than 5,000 identification kits to parents at community and school events each year. The kits are provided free to parents thanks to the generosity and volunteerism of Masons through the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation.

A completed ChildID kit contains a memory stick which includes vital information, digital fingerprints, a still picture and short video interview to capture the voice and mannerisms of the identified person. The kit also contains a dental impression kit (which also serves as DNA and dog scenting resources).

No data or information on recipients of ChildID kits, except the initial permission form, is kept by The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation, sponsoring Lodge, or any volunteers.

Upcoming ChildID Events

Statewide Partners

Scheduling a ChildID Event

For Lodges:

  • Please plan on scheduling your event a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the date desired.
  • Contact Jessica Fleming, jfleming@michiganmasons.org, 1-800-321-9357, to request and confirm your desired date.
  • It is the Lodge’s responsibility to secure enough volunteers

For Community Partners:

If you are interested in partnering with your local Masonic Lodge to have Child ID kits distributed at your event, please contact the secretary of your local Lodge.

Please plan on contacting your local Lodge at least 3-4 months in advance of your event to ensure that your request will be presented at a monthly Lodge meeting in time to schedule and secure volunteers.